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Fashion Bonanza

I have decided to put my 5 favourite fashion brands to the test today to see if they rely on SEO or PPC marketing. I was quite surprised by the results that I found, but surprised in a good way.  The fashion brands that I have put to the test are: the Assembly Label, Glassons,…Continue reading »

Glassons Analysis Technique

Almost all fashion sites use classification analysis to guess what you are going to purchase online.  Let’s take Glassons as an example. Lets say I look at the ‘Oversized Slouchy Knit’ on Glassons website (as seen in the image below). Basically, its a grey, comfy, loose fitting knit.  If I add this to my cart…Continue reading »

Custom Made

Welcome to this weeks blog! This week I have chosen to look into some fashion brands customer journey maps and see if there was any room for improvement.  One area that I believe could be improved was the brand owned touchpoint’s.  Brand owned touchpoint’s refer to customer interactions during the experience that are designed by…Continue reading »

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