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Fashion Bonanza

I have decided to put my 5 favourite fashion brands to the test today to see if they rely on SEO or PPC marketing. I was quite surprised by the results that I found, but surprised in a good way.  The fashion brands that I have put to the test are: the Assembly Label, Glassons,…

Glassons Analysis Technique

Almost all fashion sites use classification analysis to guess what you are going to purchase online.  Let’s take Glassons as an example. Lets say I look at the ‘Oversized Slouchy Knit’ on Glassons website (as seen in the image below). Basically, its a grey, comfy, loose fitting knit.  If I add this to my cart…

Custom Made

Welcome to this weeks blog! This week I have chosen to look into some fashion brands customer journey maps and see if there was any room for improvement.  One area that I believe could be improved was the brand owned touchpoint’s.  Brand owned touchpoint’s refer to customer interactions during the experience that are designed by…

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